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Day 5

Small accomplishment today. A new woven wire earring. These are in Carnelian (orange) and Opal (yellow/grey/blue).
They are subtly different. Do you have a favorite?

Post for day 4-6

Yesterday I did get a hunch if slab earrings done and I found Vesuvianite and silver beads that are willing to sit flat. I made a new pendant for those and took the old ones off the original and replaced them with a big gorgeous amethyst. I've packed stuff to make more, so we'll see if I get work time this weekend. Probably I'll content myself with weaving.
Today, we're driving to Bedford to set up. Today's craft might be limited to calligraphy on my price marker rocks.
Yes, i do have rocks on the brain, why do you ask?


Test from the app

I'm doing a Thousand things a day this week. Today I meant to work on woven earrings while i wait for my car to get serviced, but forgot the extra wire. So I'm a bit stuck at the moment.
When I get home I'll fix that, but i have to run out again immediately for my daughter's regular checkup.
I will get them done, and make a mess of earwires, but probably no more posting today.

Happy Crafting!

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First things First: Come Craft and Commiserate! with me at Panera in the Waterfront on Saturday. (details behind the link)

Second, personal updateness.
Hi, I have been lurking in the more shallow ends of the internet lately-Twitter mostly with a touch of Facebook. They seem to have taken over a lot of the function Livejournal has covered in past years.
Still I'm trying to swing by and catch up with people who blog here.
One or another of the kids has been using my laptop almost every day for school, so I haven't had access to the big reading screen. Serious writing has sadly fallen by the wayside. But, it's fixed now!

We are wrapping up our last month of 2nd, 4th and 6th grades at PA Cyber. Overall, I'm loving not being responsible for bringing all the educational materials together and figuring out how to implement them. However, I'm not loving the way our progress and attendance are recorded and graded. I don't think I'll find a better way, so next year we'll be doing it again. We'll be starting fresh and we're used to the pace now, so Hopefully, we'll be less stressed and more able to have fun with it.
We're thinking about the local homeschool parents group and getting involved again. Only if we are under control with cyber school. But more opportunities to get out and make friends are always wonderful.

Intentional Stones is still going and getting stronger. We're going to be at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival this September!!!!! (I haven't even posted this to the blog yet, we don't have all the details!) But We'll be spending the summer getting garb together and making making making!
This summer we're doing the Heritage market on Sundays at the Waterfront Pumphouse every week.

There's not all that much spare time with school and jewelry, but everyone in my family is now fully equipped for biking. It's amazing to realize they're all on near-adult sized bikes. We're beginning the planning for a biking/camping trip to DC, but it seems that will probably happen in the spring. I almost wish I could load everything up for craft shows at the Waterfront, but I still need to streamline and get a trailer.

That was a lot!
Hope I can catch up with everyone
I fail as an artist today

Have you ever had this problem? I'm sure people who have it together do not. Create a design, execute the design, get it out the door.
And I tried. I've been hammering pieces of silver to try and make something for weeks. When one doesn't work I go back to the drawing board and try again.
But my work time is less than 10 hours a week that I can guarantee. And other stuff comes up. I need to fill my table. I have smaller projects that I can get done quickly. I just fail.

I'm nothing but frustrated with myself. I think the version I'm currently working on would have worked. And if I'd pushed my time a little harder in the last two weeks I could have done it.
(I've had the stones forever, she just got tired of waiting and I seriously don't fault her)

First order of business change. If we discuss a design and you're sending me stones. I will only accept the original commission. Future pieces will have to wait until the first is done. Three major ideas arriving in one envelope is too much for my little tiny brain. I am all for saving on postage. I totally understand. Maybe I'll just offer to take on the postage cost if I have to send stuff back and you still want me to consider it later.

I'm hating my life just a little bit right now.
I hate being limited.

Rising into the radar for a minute or two

So far as I know just now, my last craft shows are this upcoming weekend. This Saturday I'll be in the North part of town at St. Brendan's Holiday Craft fair, and on Sunday I'll be at the Waterfront for a Holiday Heritage Market. I'll keep you up to date if anything else comes up.

I'm doing some writing for NaNoWriMo but not putting pressure on myself. The breakneck pace of October's crafting kind of has me wanting to take it very easy.

I've created more workspace in my studio, and I'll be inviting people to create with me more regularly. If you want to come over, just text me (412 608-8986) and drop by! Only time I'm not at all available is before 4pm Monday through Friday.

School's going well, it's certainly not hassle free, but we've done ok.

Generally, health-wise I haven't been good. I've made it to the gym a couple times in the past month, and that's it. And I've been so busy that we've been relying more than ever on preprepared foods. Not good.
Today I set up a pot of chili and some home made bread, so I'm feeling a tiny bit less guilty.

I got to take a class with a German filigree artist and I'm super excited for some serious time at the bench.
I'm feeling like I'll never get time there again though. It's just my frustration speaking. I spent plenty of time making last month. I've just been so exhausted...

I'm trying to get more sleep. That should make everything better.

Oh, and holiday plans are coming together. We'll be driving a lot.

Back under for a bit.


What's going on with me? I'll tell ya!
And the crafting keeps on going. I'll bug nacramamo about that Jewelry and Costumes mostly.
OMG, there are only 13 more days to get ready for Halloween. OMGWTFFSM! I'm gonna die. I'd better put this machine down and start knitting and paper machéing and stuff.

How are you all feeling as fall becomes real?

More getting ready stuff

So, this event I'm preparing for is the "big show" for this year. A new one for me and I'm still not precisely certain what they want and I'm doing my best to put my best foot forward.

These are kumihimo braids. I keep wanting to have these as necklaces to put pendants on when I sell them, they're 8 strands. Each time I work on them I'm reminded of how long they take! So I make one once in a while. Now I have three! Right. So I made some simpler 3 strand braids as well.

I haven't had time to make sterling ends to crimp on, so I ran out and got base metal ones. I'm also making simple cords.

Today's work was to assemble the necklaces. I have about 30 now. And the lovely kumihimo braids are waiting for me to have a brilliant idea how to incorporate then in jewelry.

Tonight I'm finishing up all my frames and boxes. All this preparation is overwhelming. I have til wednesday to finish.

It's October?!

Oh my goodness! Were am I and what am I doing?

Hi, everybody!!!!!!! Welcome to Crafting Month!

Getting my bearings, sorry, October has snuck up on me again. As usual I have a million projects going on. Kids everywhere, a secret jewelry lair in the basement, and a lot of aspirations.

Lately creating every day is a goal year round, though I do occasionally take a day off just to sleep. I won't do that during October! Craftober-Creatober-The Great Pumpkin will Craft right along with us Month!

My handy dandy iPhone is with me to post all sorts of stuff for you this year and keep up with LJ, Twitter and Facebook.

So, Come one! Come all!
Let's get this party Started for National Craft-Making Month 2011!!!!

I wanna hear all about this last year and the projects you all want to do!

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I'm still here, just way way way busy.
Schools going well, I guess that's why I don't have time for postage.
I'll do better.

Also, October is coming so nacramamo is coming.
So I had better get on it.

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